Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surgery Day Eve

After what seemed like an eternity, the surgeon scheduled Christian's Achillies' tendon surgery for Thursday March 28. To be ready for the big day, the kids and I headed back to SLC on Wednesday night. We stopped at Park City on the way for a little retail therapy, and some time with Bethany and Brock.
We didn't even get much shopping done, but talking with my sister and being with Brock and Cali and Carter and Caleb together was the actual therapy that I needed. The kids climbed all over the different playground and coin operated toys while Bethany and I took turns shopping and kid watching.

We also met Grandpa Carl at his office in downtown SLC and he took Carter for the rest of the night to the Jazz game. When we made it to the Pollastro house in North SLC we were so glad to all see each other again. Christian is on the road for his job a lot, and even when he's working locally, he's still very busy. We don't really see him that much. We are used to the week long separations and the work week craziness, but sitting around helpless waiting for surgery was a very different experience.

Christian was busy on a conference call with work when we got there, so we headed back downtown and spent some time shopping at Trader Joes and then went to Bethany's apartment for a while to let Cali and Caleb play around for a little bit. We finally got to sleep late that night, and I was super nervous for the next morning... the surgery... the recovery... and everything that goes along with it.

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